I’ve thought a lot since my diagnosis about my symptoms (I didn’t have any!) and if there was anything I could have done differently. I suppose that’s just human nature to try to find a reason, try to understand.  I was diagnosed in the end because I woke up one day, put my Apple watch on as usual and it wouldn’t stop bleeping indicating that my heart rate was ridiculously high (over 150 bpm). This forced me to see my GP who sent me straight to Frimley Park Hospital where I stayed for 10 days with an alarmingly large pulmonary embolism, that was also alarmingly close to my heart (and I had thought the breathlessness when I exercised was because I was working so hard…) I didn’t think I had any symptoms, but could the nausea and loss of appetite that I felt over Christmas have been a symptom of cancer? The embolism (and Apple watch) saved my life. By the time I’d been discharged with instructions on how to inject myself everyday with dalteparin, and had a follow up appointment for a biopsy, I could barely keep any food down. The biopsy later that week showed that the ovarian ‘cyst’ was actually a 15cm cancer. I started chemo at St Luke’s within the month.