Huge excitement! Last Thursday I had my hair cut for the first time since January 2019. At a proper hairdressers. In a proper shop where they offered me coffee and asked where I was going for my holidays in the summer. By people who assumed I was going to live long enough to enjoy that holiday…. 

But what a difference a week makes. No one is talking now about holidays. Where they can, people are rebooking Easter breaks for the autumn. A colleague went home to France last weekend to see her family, this week there are no flights, Paris is in lockdown, the office is closed and everyone is working from home. We are living in strange times. I watched the media briefing from the PM last night. Why are MPs still in the House of Commons? Go home and use the creaky IT that everyone else is using today to stay in touch

Anna’s blog and her month by month pictures of what to expect from your hair post chemo My Cancer Chic kept me going when it seemed as if my hair would never again be long enough to need a comb let alone a hairdryer. And in these uncertain times there’s nothing more important than hair.